Thursday, 28 March 2019

Wood Tech - Finger Joint

Simple way to make a Finger Joint :

Step 1: Measuring finger joints and cut out for base
Step 2: Cutting the finger joints

Step 3: Gluing together the box
Step 4: Creating the lid of the box
Step 5: Nail the lid of the box to the base.

This is what your finished product should look like:

Image result for finger joint step by step

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Advent Is A Time Of Preparation

Learning Outcomes:
Recognize that Advent is a time when people prepare to celebrate Christ's coming as a
real event in history
  1. Identify how Christ comes in the Church now through the celebration of every liturgy
  2. Explain how people can strive to grow more like Christ Te Karaiti

"For unto you is BORN this day in the city of DAVID a saviour which is Christ the LORD"
Advent means coming and this is understood in many different ways. Christ has already
come into the world. Christ's coming was a real event in history. He lived in 1st century Palestine,
and there are references to his life in historical records of this time. You can research the writing of
historians such as Tacitus and Josephus for more information about this. Jesus' life is recorded in the
New Testament according to the faith and experience of his first followers. It tells how Jesus came to
teach people about God and to build the kingdom or reign of God 'on earth as it is in heaven'.

Advent is a time for people to prepare for Christ to come again. Where we prepare for the second
coming of Christ. This season starts on the second of December and ends on the 24th of December.
A time to rest for the new beginning. We celebrate by lighting a candle each Sunday and each candle
represents hope, love, joy, and peace.

  1. Christ's first and second coming are inseparably linked
  2. Jesus first came into the world to build God's kingdom of justice peace and love
  3. Christ's second coming will come again at the end of time and fulfill God's kingdom
  4. Now the Church continues to help build God's reign on earth through its loving service to others
  5. The Church waits in hope for Jesus to complete God's Kingdom that Jesus came to establish

The traffic reminds me of Advent because it's a time where people rush to do shopping
and prepares for Christ to come. During Advent, people change by being more active in
decorating houses and rooms.

The prophets of the Old Testament are called to the people to change and prepare
for the coming of Christ and its fullness of God's Kingdom. - Te Tino Rangatiratanga.

Why did the prophets talk to the people about conversion and remind them to change their ways?
Why do the Scripture readings in Advent, include the readings from the Old Testament prophets?
So people can realize the connection….

The message that Pope Francis gave about Advent is about opening our hearts, to
focus on what is coming which is Christ. A  time for us ask concrete questions about
how our lives have been. It is a new beginning, which brings the newness of God.
We can  find ways where we can help the people who are in need, because there are many
ways. We can open our hearts by giving what is unneeded but is needed for others. For us to be active in love for others, to see what is coming ahead of us.
This is a time for us to pray to God and to spend time with our Family, because the most
important thing to me is my family and my community.
(The first Sunday of Advent is a time for us to 'look up, and raise your head).

Today I analyze message from Pope Francis about Advent. Above is my interpretation.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Help Those Who Are Poor

These words are the words that explain the Mission Charism of St Patrick's School.